Virtual (C)ISO

Virtual (C)ISO

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (C)ISO provides an alternative solution for companies who need to prioritize data security but are limited by budget or manpower. This service allows you to outsource the responsibilities of a full-time CISO to an experienced professional who works remotely.

Our Virtual (C)ISO will work with your company to create a tailored security strategy that fits your unique needs, and monitor and maintain your security systems to ensure they are up-to-date and effective.

With a Virtual (C)ISO, you get the benefits of a full-time security expert at a fraction of the cost, and the flexibility to adjust the hours and support as your business grows.

What is a Virtual (C)ISO?

Securing company data and information is crucial in today’s technology-driven world, but many companies struggle with assigning this task to non-expert personnel or bear the cost of hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (C)ISO. This is where a Virtual (C)ISO comes into play.

With a Virtual (C)ISO, you can receive expert-level security services without the need for a full-time in-house hire. They can perform the duties of a (C)ISO remotely, providing scalable, cost-effective solutions that fit the unique needs of your business. This frees up your existing staff to focus on what they do best, while ensuring the highest levels of information security.

Hiring a Virtual (C)ISO can help mitigate the risks of data breaches, confidential information disclosure, and malware attacks, which can have devastating effects on your productivity and profits. Don’t let security fall by the wayside, consider a Virtual (C)ISO for your business today.

How does a Virtual (C)ISO work?

A Virtual (C)ISO is an off-site consultant who provides information security services to your company on a contract basis. As a Chief Information Security Officer, they are responsible for ensuring the security and protection of your company’s sensitive information and data.

The Virtual (C)ISO can offer advice and recommendations on a wide range of information security issues, including

  • data protection
  • regulatory compliance
  • personnel risk
  • cross-compliance with different data protection laws, and
  • planning for a potential data breach.

By hiring a Virtual (C)ISO, you can ensure that your company’s information security needs are being met by a professional with expertise in the field, without having to pay full-time employee salaries or benefits. The hours and services of a Virtual (C)ISO can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your company, allowing you to stay protected while freeing up your staff to focus on their core competencies.

Should I hire a Virtual (C)ISO for my company?

As a business, ensuring the protection of sensitive information should be a top priority. Relying on untrained staff or hoping that data breaches will never occur is not a responsible approach.

If you’re unable to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer, consider the benefits of a Virtual (C)ISO. With a Virtual (C)ISO, you can have access to expert security services on a flexible, part-time basis, tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

At 100% Security Labs, we offer top-notch Virtual (C)ISO services that can help you safeguard your data and meet industry standards. And as your company grows, we can provide support and resources to help you transition to a full-time (C)ISO if necessary. Contact us today to learn more.

Penetration Testing

Using our  highly skilled and fully accredited team you can test your cybersecurity defenses to ensure that they can protect your company at the time of a real attack.

Are you ready for GDPR?

GRPR Checklist

  • Raise Awareness
  • Perform a data audit
  • Communicate Clearly to Data Subjects
  • Consider the Purpose of Data Collection
  • Understand Data Subjects Rights
  • Provide Data Portability
  • Conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Adhere to Data Processing Systems and Security by Design
  • Create or Refine Reactive Policies
  • Have a Point of Contact
  • Get Accredited

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