CyberSecurity Consulting

Cyber Security Consultancy

When it comes to security systems, your company needs to be rock solid. You want independent experts to examine your systems, look for weaknesses, and patch them.

This is even more important if you are involved in the government, the wider public sector, or part of Critical National Infrastructure. In these cases, a cyber security consultancy is absolutely critical. Lives could be at stake.

The last thing you want is a data breach. Letting private information get out to the general public can ruin your reputation as well as your bottom line. A cyber security consultancy makes these unfortunate events considerably less likely to happen.

What is cyber security consultancy?

Cyber security consultancy covers a wide range of data security, depending on the nature of your organization. There is a strong chance this will be required by government regulations should you collect, transmit, or handle data for the government and/or from the general public at large.

A cyber security consultant ensures that your company:

  • Is ISO 27001 compliant. This is the standard best practice for any company dealing with stored and/or transmitted data.

  • Monitors possible threats to your data security. You don’t know how at-risk your data is until a cyber security consultant has tested it.

  • Can connect to the cloud without risk of data breaches. This is very important if you are affiliated with the government and want to join the G-Cloud.

  • Goes through a high-level cyber review. If you choose this option, your cyber security consultant will recommend systemic changes to your organization to become more compliant with government regulations and maintain data standards.

  • Has a cyber incident response plan in place. No matter how vigilant you are, it’s always possible for someone to breach your security through malware or rogue employees. When this happens, your company should be able to respond at the earliest stage of the attack to minimize damage.

How does cyber security consultancy work?

Cyber security consultancy is fairly simple. You hire one or more certified cyber security consultants to take a look at your systems and practices. Your cyber security consultants will explain the weaknesses of your systems, and offer recommendations for what you can do to fix any problems that may be discovered.

A cyber security consultant can either be used as a one-time option – or, more regularly, on an ongoing basis depending on the sensitivity of your data. Again, government-affiliated companies should have ongoing or at least routine reviews from a cyber security consultancy. In general, your company is mandated to incorporate the changes suggested if you wish to continue to work with high-level, privileged information.

What does a cyber security consultancy mean for my company?

If you work with public documents for the government or in related fields, you need to make sure your data is secure. It’s the law. And even if you don’t work with public documents, you still need to make sure that your company’s protections are deeply secure – because a breach can hurt your reputation, your clients and your bottom line.

100% Security can provide you with one or more cyber security consultants to meet your needs. They will go through your system, make recommendations, and ensure that your architecture is as secure as humanly possible. In addition, they will create a workable plan to deal with data breach so that in the unlikely event that data does get out the damage is minimal.

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We offer outsourcing of a Chief Information Officer role within your organization.

We will take care of all your Information Security Management System requirements and obligations allowing you to focus on your core business goals.

Are you ready for GDPR?

GRPR Checklist

  • Raise Awareness
  • Perform a data audit
  • Communicate Clearly to Data Subjects
  • Consider the Purpose of Data Collection
  • Understand Data Subjects Rights
  • Provide Data Portability
  • Conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Adhere to Data Processing Systems and Security by Design
  • Create or Refine Reactive Policies
  • Have a Point of Contact
  • Get Accredited

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