Internal Penetration Tests

Internal Penetration Tests

Not all threats to data security come from external sources such as hackers. Some can start from inside a company’s walls. It could be a fired employee who decides to steal data as an act of revenge, or a rogue employee who wants to sell your data to the highest bidder.

This is why any company that values data protection should perform internal penetration tests.

What is an internal penetration test?

An internal penetration test is a scheduled activity – either known to everyone in your organization, or just C-Suite members. Because you know it’s happening, you can monitor it and see what happens in real time.

In such a test, analysts posing as staff members try to gain access to data that they are not authorised to see. If they succeed, they then map out the vulnerability and recommend fixes for the problem.

The vast number of internal penetration tests do identify major vulnerabilities. Once your improvements have been implemented into the system, these analysts will try to attack again and ensure that the new defensive solutions are effective.

What does an internal penetration test tell me?

Internal penetration tests analyse many factors:

  • Does one of your workers leave their computer on when they go to lunch?

  • Is a password written down in a place where anybody could find it?

  • Do some people have more access than they require to do their jobs?

  • Are people sharing passwords?

  • Can your system be hacked from the inside?

All of these behaviours and more are examined during the course of an internal penetration test.

How can internal penetration tests help my company?

If your business handles personal or proprietary data, you have an obligation to keep it as secure as possible. Defending it against external attacks is one thing – but an inside job can be even more devastating.

That’s why testing your systems to see where they are vulnerable to inside attacks is essential. They add a level of protection that keeps your data – and by extension your company – safe and secure.

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